Last week I spent three mesmerizing days in Gothenburg. There is something particularly charming about the nordic light on a long summer day. Compared to the fiery sunshine in Southern Europe in summer, the nordic sunshine is more atmospheric, more gentle.
The Southern European summer sun is like a passionate lover: when they are present, they are your whole world and you can’t see beyond them. The nordic summer sun is like a tender friend: they accompany you to see the world, they are by your side.
The gentle atmosphere, the buzzing conversations with a few friends and a solo trip to the Gothenburg Museum of Art triggered me to do this little game: as I was wandering around the gallery, I collected painting titles and then try to piece them together into a poem. The result is the following. 😛
(All underlined bits are titles of paintings or sculpture, though I did cheat a bit and used on film title :P.  Most paintings are from Gothenburg Museum of Art.)

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