A copy of you

I wrote a little poem, hope you like it ;P

A copy of you

I want a copy of you
             on my local drive.
The CD spun and the screen said:
“You are about to install
                     a copy of me.”
“Is your directory
                     Heart: \ I-miss-you\?”
–  Yes, Next.
“Do you want to see an icon
                    always in your eyes?”
– No, I will search for you
                    when I think of you.
“Have you read the Terms & Conditions
                     that I don’t belong to you?”
– That’s not what I want,
                     but I read and understood.
“Installation complete. Thank you sweetheart.”
I clicked on you and there you were,
                     smiling at me.
I smiled back and asked:
                    “Will you ever want
                      a copy of me?”

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